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How our butchers blocks are constructed

All our blocks are made from sustainable beech, which is the traditional wood used in the UK for butcher's blocks. It is a hard wood with very tight rings making it very durable and resistant to knife marks.

The surround to the block is made from 5cm thick beech planks; these are joined with high tensile screws and finished off with steel corner brackets.

This double system of joining prevents any movement and cracking in the corner of the block which will lead to the whole block eventually splitting and falling apart.

The block itself is made using upended beech so the surface is comprised of the end grain of the wood.

Using the end grain makes the surface extremely strong and resistant to knife marks, it also prevents knives being blunted; this is treated with linseed oil which also helps to strengthen the surface of the butchers block and prevent cracking.

Once the block has been glued and clamped into the surround, 16mm threaded bars are run through the whole block and screwed tight, this acts as a permanent clamp preventing any movement in the block.

Usually the butchers block is mounted on a pine (not beech) stand with a slatted shelf at the bottom and you can add drawers, castors, towel/utensil rails and baskets as you wish. We can also supply butchers blocks without a stand.

The finished product is an attractive, durable and extremely useful addition to any kitchen.